HPC plays an essential role in funding the enrichment of your child's school experience, including: classroom materials, library support, STEM resources, science materials, lunchtime activities, assemblies, speakers, musical instruments, art supplies and teacher appreciation activities. 


Your membership dues are key to our fundraising for all these activities and much more.

Havens Parents Club

323 Highland Avenue

Piedmont, CA 94611    


Havens Elementary School

Main: (510) 594-2680

Attendance (call/email before 8:30am):  (510) 594-2824,              havattendance@piedmont.k12.ca.us

Principal: Anne Dolid

Main Office: Melanie Reed

 School Counselor:  Lori Morris 

Health Clerk (for Covid-19 Health 

Related Questions): Kristen Huey

Contact Tracing and 

Other Health Questions:   nurses@piedmont.k12.ca.us, (510) 594-2751   

Screener and Infinite Campus Help:    ichelp@piedmont.k12.ca.us



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  • SEE’S: Havens See’s Valentines day shop is now open through Jan 28. Valentines Day Store

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In an effort to ensure the safety of Haven’s students, staff and families as they commute to and from school, your school Safety Committee has come up with some “stay safe” guidelines.  We hope that families will discuss these points and share with anyone that may be assisting with their child’s drop-off and pick-up. 


  • Drivers should always stay in the car.

  • Keep all school gear in the cab of the car, not the trunk, to allow for a quick exit from the vehicle.

  • Students should be ready to exit, curbside only.

  • Refrain from holding up the line. If you would like to make conversation or need to do something else on campus, please park and walk for pick-up. 

  • Please don’t ever block driveways, even momentarily.

  • Do not double park at the white zone areas. This is the single most dangerous and common behavior we are seeing. 

  • Follow the legal rules of the road. This includes no u-turns if another vehicle is coming towards you within 200ft (which is the case at drop-off and pick-up). 

  • Follow all instructions by school staff and parent volunteers, and treat them with respect at all times.

  • If pulling up to the white zone on Highland, please leave one car-length distance before the crosswalk so that the crossing guard has a clear line of sight across all four lanes of busy Highland Ave. (This will be marked with a sign in the future.)

If you see unsafe behavior, please help us educate our community by emailing havenstrafficsafety@gmail.com. This will allow us to kindly follow up and help spread the word of our new campaign.


Thank you to those who attended the HPC January meeting last Friday. PUSD Board Member Megan Pilsbury joined us to give a recap of the school board meeting last Wednesday and answered parent questions and heard concerns. Principal Dolid reviewed covid testing and exposure procedures, also answered parent questions and heard concerns, and provided a new date of April 7, 2022 for Havens’ Open House. 


Lindsay Thomasson gave an update on our successful “Back to School, Safely” campaign, we announced Poker Night’s new date of April 22nd at 6:00pm (book your babysitters now!), and received fundraising updates from Amy Gurvitz and Erin Schultz (see above for fundraiser information).  

Thank you to the parent community for participating in these important fundraisers – and also to all of those who participated in the PUSD-wide recognition of our health clerks and nurses! Together, we raised over $2,000 through our school community effort, and partnered with a similar ask that was done through Facebook, to recognize our district’s health professionals with nearly $4,000 in lunches, breakfasts, coffees, gourmet take-home snack boxes, delicious fresh-baked cookies, and SCRIP gift cards through the end of the month. Our hard-working nurses and clerks are so grateful and have said they feel seen, heard, and so appreciated. Thank you for your support to make that happen, Havens community!