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Havens Parents Slack Workspace
Havens Highlights


Highlights is another great way to stay abreast of the latest information from school. Highlights are distributed via email from the school on Wednesday's. 

Highlights can also be accessed here.


Anyone having trouble receiving Highlights 

should email


In addition to Havens Highlights, we have added additional channels that will support parents and students- we hope you will join the ones that interest you!  Some of these channels include:

  • Havens Highlights- to access all Havens Highlight newsletters

  • Havens Parents Club- to connect with the HPC

  • Havens Dads Club- to connect with the HDC

  • After School Enrichment- to communicate about current and future ASE classes

  • Havens "Happy Hour"- a channel to have casual conversation or set up time to virtually connect

  • Class or Grade Level Connect- look for regular social distanced or virtual meetings soon!

You can access Slack via the web, but there are desktop apps and iOS and Android apps as well so you can use it easily on your phone or tablet.  There is a very simple tutorial for Slack here, but it is intuitive and user friendly.

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