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Hello Havens Families!


My name is Brook Meakins, and I am excited to be stepping into the role of your Havens Parents Club (HPC) President. I feel so lucky to work alongside two ladies who I consider friends and inspirations: Jean Takazawa and Bindu Lokre, co-VPs this year, and our entire board of dedicated parents. Some of our board members have served for many years, and some are new to our school and/or their roles with HPC. I love that we have a healthy mix of experience and fresh ideas, historical knowledge and new perspectives. This should be a great year. 

My children are Pacific who is just starting 2nd grade, and Coral who is just starting Kindergarten. My husband Andy and I moved to Piedmont in 2021. We are originally Oregonians who had skipped around the bay a bit, trying to find a place that felt like home before our kids started school. We feel very fortunate to have landed at Piedmont, and we love Havens. We experienced a hardship in our family early on in my son’s Kindergarten year, and we were completely blown away by the care this community showered on us. A personal goal of mine for this year is to pay that experience forward and show people how much we appreciate this school, the administrators and support staff, the teachers (!), and all the parents. I hope you feel at home here and welcome you to reach out to me if there is anything we can do at HPC to make you and your family feel more connected and supported.

As we start the school year, please visit the  This is where you can join HPC and contribute to three crucial funds: the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Fund, the Field Trip Fund, and the Technology and Classroom Supplies Fund. The more families that join HPC, the more voices and perspectives we can include in our school dialog, programs and events.  Your support helps fund all the amazing programs we do at Havens and directly affect each and every child, teacher and staff member on campus.

Please also read Havens Highlights every week (Wednesdays)!  This is your most important source of school information!  You will also get a weekly classroom communication from your room parent, these emails are also incredibly informative. You will hear from me often, and I hope to see you at our HPC meetings - our meetings are a great way to stay connected with what is going on at the school, hear directly from our Principal and other leaders within the district, and to stretch and grow ourselves as parents and a community. ​​ 

Thank you,

Brook Meakins

HPC President

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