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Hello Havens Families!


My name is Katie Castles Shaffer and I'm so pleased to introduce myself to you as your Havens Parents Club (HPC) President.  Your kids may know me as their substitute Ms. Castles.  My daughter Evelyn (Evie) Shaffer is in 4th grade this year and I also have two younger kiddos, Emma (3) and Drew (1.5).  While you start to do the math for how many MORE years I have to look forward to as a Havens parent, I'll go ahead and add that Havens was where I went to elementary school, too...this school and I have history and a future!

As we start the school year, please visit the  This is where you can join HPC and contribute to three crucial funds: the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Fund, the Field Trip Fund, and the Technology and Classroom Supplies Fund.  


The more families that join HPC, the more voices and perspectives we can include in our school dialog, programs and events.  Your support helps fund all the amazing programs we do at Havens and directly affect each and every child, teacher and staff member on campus.

Please also read Havens Highlights every week (Wednesdays)!  This is your most important source of school information!  Thursdays you will get a classroom communication from your room parent, these emails are also incredibly informative.

​We have an awesome year ahead!  I appreciate all families focusing on positive intent, gratitude, inclusion and respect this year as a member of the Havens community so that we can be stronger together.  

Thank you,

Katie Castles Shaffer

HPC President

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