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On Going Opportunities

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” — Kofi Annan

Havens Parent Club

HPC plays an essential role in funding the enrichment of your child's school experience, including: classroom materials, library support, STEM resources, science materials, lunchtime activities, assemblies, speakers, musical instruments, art supplies and teacher appreciation activities. Please contact to inquire about positions available.

School Lunch

Come see your kiddo at lunch while volunteering at one of the most fun (and also currently the only available) on-campus parent roles!  Opportunities are available M thru F at 11:30am-12:45pm.  Pick one shift a week, a month or a quarter - it's really up to you!  Caretakers are also encouraged to participate, and younger children are also welcome to join you.  Our school lunch program is one of Havens' largest fundraisers, with $1 from every meal ordered going directly back to Havens!  Please consider volunteering to serve lunch by clicking here


Our wonderful volunteers make this program possible!

What is SERVES?


Feeding the hungry, caring for the environment, helping the elderly feel less lonely, are all ways that people can donate time towards the community.

SERVES coordinates various opportunities for elementary kids in Piedmont to contribute.

Working together, they connect local concerns with global issues and gain an awareness of others. All this will serve them now and years later as they transition out of school and into the adult world!

To learn more, check out SERVES

Havens Library


Havens Library relies heavily on all our wonderful volunteers. To join our dedicated library volunteer team or to help out occasionally when you child's class attends please contact our 

school's librarian, Laura Remer at 



What is Scrip?

In short, we buy gift cards at a discount and sell them at face value. The generous vendors who supply the cards make the donation for you! By harnessing the purchasing power of what parents and community members already spend, the Scrip program raises $50,000 for the Piedmont schools annually, but with your participation it could be significantly more!  

The majority of the money raised comes from the sale of gift cards and paper scrip. However, we have new buy it yourself options for electronic scrip and reload. You don’t even have to write a check! If interested, please email

Havens Dad's Club


Join the Dads Club to connect with other dads at Havens! 


We host a number of fun events throughout the year, including a Welcome Dads BBQ, the Spring Swing dance, and our tentpole community fundraiser, HDC Poker Night (which brings together 100+ players from across Piedmont).


HDC events have funded many school improvements, including the campus mural, classroom Chromebooks, teacher professional development, and outdoor gear (look for the big blue blocks during recess). 


Joining this group is a fun way to support our kids and get involved. Please email the Havens Dads Club president, Roger Tsai, at to learn more.


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