The tri-school parents clubs have been working closely with the administration to assist the administration in making the return to school for hybrid learning as smooth as possible. We have two upcoming events that we hope will help ease the transition and familiarize families with new health and safety protocols:

  • Tonight: the tri-school presidents will be sharing the Community Care Agreement (CCA) at the school board meeting. The principals will send the CCA to families later this week along with additional information about hybrid learning logistics. The meeting begins at 7pm and we will present the CCA at approximately 9:10pm.

  • Tuesday, November 17th at 7pm: Hybrid learning orientation. We ask that all families returning for hybrid learning either attend this orientation or plan to watch the recording of it before returning to school for hybrid learning. There will be a presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

In addition, we will have a Havens Parents Club members meeting at 6:30pm, immediately preceding the hybrid learning orientation. 

Links for all meetings are in the Haven’s Calendar


Lindsay Thomasson

HPC President


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