Havens Parents Club (HPC)

The joy on campus this week is palpable! It was wonderful seeing our youngest learners return to school over the past two days and I am eagerly awaiting the return of all Havens students over the coming weeks. It just feels right to see our beautiful campus coming to life again.

A huge thank you to Principal Dolid, teachers, and many school staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure our schools are ready for students to return and to welcome them back with open arms. And, thank you to the many parent volunteers who have worked on reopening documents, video production, supplies pick-ups, teacher appreciation, communications, and so many other things over the past months to help us get to this point.

As you prepare for February Break next week, please remember to review and sign the Community Care Agreement and uphold the health and safety guidelines put forth by our county and state. Keeping covid out of our schools and keeping our school communities safe depends on adherence by all families to the rules. We will be forced to shut down campus if three cases of covid are detected (regardless of campus transmission); please err on the side of caution.

We have all received an abundance of information over the past few weeks, it can be hard to keep it all straight. Here is a Havens Quick Facts Reference Sheet which includes relevant reopening dates, email addresses, and links to health and safety reference documents. Save it somewhere you can quickly and easily.




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Havens Parents Club (HPC)

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Havens Parents Club (HPC)

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