Havens Parents Club (HPC)

What. A. Year.

As we close out an unprecedented school year full of extraordinary circumstances, we want to acknowledge all of the hard work put in by the parents, teachers, administrators, and our community, to make things happen this year.

It was often cloudy, sometimes stormy, and yet as a direct result of this community’s hard work, there are also silver linings. Thanks to successful fundraising, all of our classrooms now have HEPA filters, which will continue to better serve the health of our students. Despite bumps in the road, our volunteer community of HPC Board Members were rock-solid in the many ways they supported the school and remain steadfastly committed to forward progress (thank you!), and our educators and parent communities alike may have a deeper appreciation for the hard work that happens in-person in the classroom.

One only needs to take a peek inside the Havens campus this week to see a glimpse of childhood resilience and end-of-year joy as the students participate in new and traditional ways of celebrating the last few days of school. Today, as is the custom, the fifth graders played the teachers in a game of kickball and we have it on good kid-authority that the AM fifth graders led by three points! TBA on the PM Cohort but we suspect a shut-out. On Friday, lollipops will be handed out outside the front gates to kick-off the first official day of the summer read-a-thon, and also that afternoon, our exceptional fifth graders will attend their hard won end-of-year party. Where, for the first time all year, they will be able to get together in-person as a group, have an outdoor dance party, and celebrate what is hopefully the very last school day of unprecedented times and extraordinary circumstances.

We look forward to a productive year in the fall, and are so grateful for this Havens community. Please be in touch over the summer if you’d like to get involved!

Many thanks,

April Gruber & Val Reilly, 2021-22 HPC Co-Presidents


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