It’s been a tough week for our teachers and staff. The passing of their colleague is still raw and yet you’d never know any sadness exists if you walked the halls this week. On Monday classes began as usual, by Wednesday Ms. Jepsen’s beloved 3-Sisters garden was being harvested, as scheduled, and by Thursday teachers were dressed as pirates (eye patches & many a “missing tooth”) for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Who knew pirate talking had an international day!? More importantly, who knew JUST HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME our teachers and staff really are? I know we are all in appreciation for the positive impact a teacher can have on our child. I also know, sometimes, we don’t have a great year. But, this last week showed just how genuinely caring and dedicated our Havens teachers and staff are to our children - every week, all year long. Not just in tough times. Teachers, staff and students came together to all “be their very best self” in support of each other. As parents, I hope we will remember to show our gratitude, in small moments, throughout the year ahead.

I can’t escape the obvious transition to “giving” at this time. But this IS a moment for us to give - to give to our teachers and our school community. Please think a little deeper about the meaning of “giving” to the Giving Campaign this year.  We want the very best for our children and we have it - right here at Havens. Every family contribution, no matter how small or how big, shows support for our wonderful teachers and committed staff. We need to let them know we care and we need to let them know we appreciate everything they do each day, every day. We made our donation last night, please join me by making your donation today (Giving Campaign Donation).

Tara Boris

HPC President


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