Message from HPC Co-Presidents

We’ve recently had some unsafe incidents at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Such behavior endangers our kids, slows down the car line, angers our neighbors, and sets a poor example for our children. Thank you so much to our ad hoc traffic committee for taking the time to make observations over the past few weeks and for the community members that have provided feedback.

We all want to keep our children safe on their way to and from school. Some ways we can do that are to:

  • Whenever possible, park and walk your child to/from school (always use crosswalks)

  • Follow the legal rules of the road

  • Drivers should always stay in the car

  • Keep all school gear in the cab of the car, not the trunk

  • Students should be ready to exit, curbside only

  • Refrain from holding up the line by making conversation, other distractions, and don’t block driveways

  • Do not double park at the white zone areas where kids have to walk through potentially moving vehicles to get to the curb

  • Follow all instructions by school staff and parent volunteers, and treat them with respect at all times

We expect all parents and guardians, as well as anyone else tasked with dropping off and picking up Havens’ students, to know and be compliant with these guidelines.

We are so fortunate to live in a community where walking, biking, scootering, and convenient curbside drop-off and pick-up options are available from a very young age and would love your help to spread the safety word! We are planning a “Back to School & Back to Safety” school community campaign to kick off after winter break and need volunteers to help for just 20 minutes in the morning or afternoon as Community Safety Ambassadors at one of our busier gates. Kids are welcome to join and participate (outside of school hours) with their parents! Please consider signing up for a shift.

Traffic will also be a key agenda item at our upcoming HPC Meeting this Tuesday, December 14, at 7:00pm (link in school calendar), so if this is a topic on your mind please join us in discussion.


And in more “thank you” news, big ones go out to Diana Lee, Krissy Kliszweski, Sarah Eisemon, Laura Edeen, Nancy White, Coral Day, Erin Schultz, and all of the the other volunteers and parents who made Winterfest a lovely chance to connect and give back last week in Ellen Driscoll. We hope you stopped by and supported our organizations! There are still many chances to give so please read through Havens Highlights and room parent communication for more opportunities.

Finally, here are two more upcoming ways to get involved in our community:

  • Spring Fling is back and looking for members for their Steering Committee and volunteer positions! If you are interested, please learn more here and sign up here. There are many roles to fill and this is an important (and fun!) way to support our schools.

  • PUSD is inviting parents/guardians to participate on the Superintendent Community Advisory Committee. Havens will be voting for one parent representative, and could potentially have a second “at-large” representative as well. Please refer to the attached background document for more information about Committee membership and meeting dates. Havens’ parents and guardians can apply by filling out the linked questionnaire:Superintendent Community Advisory Committee Questionnaire. The deadline to submit your name is Thursday, December 16. The Havens representative(s) will be expected to attend all meetings and report back/receive feedback on the progress of this committee at the monthly HPC Meetings.

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

Thank you,

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

Our Website:

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