Message from HPC Co-Presidents

Welcome back!

We noticed this morning that the health screener questions had changed - did you? Please take the time to read through each question and answer it truthfully. As parents, the screener is our first chance every morning to help our nurses and administrators in keeping our school community healthy and learning.

With the rise of local Omicron cases and limited access to on-demand testing, we are (again) seeing some larger indoor events canceled and guidelines shifting, and unfortunately this includes our Havens Poker Night, which will be rescheduled to a new date in April. Havens Dad’s Club President Roger Tsai said, “By proactively postponing this event, we’re confident we’ll ultimately hold the best experience for players and spectators alike … Thank you for supporting Havens Poker Night and our small-but-mighty band of volunteer parents eager to bring us back together to celebrate our school, our students, and our tight-knit community. Personally, I’m always inspired to see so many of us come together for the kids. In fact, our 14th year of this tradition is poised to be our biggest one yet, with 140 players coming out to play!” Thank you to Roger, Francis Hoang, and Dave McMurtry for the pivot and we look forward to anteing up in the spring!

Monday will kick off our “Back to School, Safely!” Campaign with the primary objective of educating our school community on the guidelines we can all follow to help keep our children safe. If you are available to help hand out flyers at drop-off or pick-up for 20 minutes any day next week, please help this effort by signing up.


In an effort to ensure the safety of Haven’s students, staff and families as they commute to and from school, your school Safety Committee has come up with some “stay safe” guidelines. We hope that families will discuss these points and share with anyone that may be assisting with their child’s drop-off and pick-up.

  • Drivers should always stay in the car.

  • Keep all school gear in the cab of the car, not the trunk, to allow for a quick exit from the vehicle.

  • Students should be ready to exit, curbside only.

  • Refrain from holding up the line. If you would like to make conversation or need to do something else on campus, please park and walk for pick-up.

  • Please don’t ever block driveways, even momentarily.

  • Do not double park at the white zone areas. This is the single most dangerous and common behavior we are seeing.

  • Follow the legal rules of the road. This includes no u-turns if another vehicle is coming towards you within 200ft (which is the case at drop-off and pick-up).

  • Follow all instructions by school staff and parent volunteers, and treat them with respect at all times.

  • If pulling up to the white zone on Highland, please leave one car-length distance before the crosswalk so that the crossing guard has a clear line of sight across all four lanes of busy Highland Ave. (This will be marked with a sign in the future.)

In a hurry? Or, do you just want to avoid traffic at dropoff and pickup? The easiest way to do so is to walk your child to school if you live close enough to do or to park and walk them in if you live further away. Other ideas include:

  • Form a “walking school bus,” carpool, or park and walk your child to/from school (always use crosswalks). Take advantage of the green spots along Vista in front of the police station and meet/walk from areas further away from campus such as Highland Way near Piedmont Church, Oakland Ave at Hillside, further down Highland Ave closer to Park Way, or at the other end of Highland Ave nearby the grassy area at the intersection of Sierra and Guilford Avenues.

  • Consider picking your child up somewhere off campus if your child is old enough and responsible enough to walk on their own (e.g. Piedmont Park or one of the drop-off spots noted above).

  • Ensure your child knows who will be picking them up and what car the pick-up person will be driving so they know who to look for and are ready when you arrive to pick them up.

  • Pick your child up a few minutes after 3pm (or 1:50 on Wednesdays). Traffic clears quickly and you can pull right up if you arrive at 3:10.

Finally, if you see unsafe behavior, please help us educate our community by emailing This will allow us to kindly follow up and help spread the word of our new campaign as we appreciate not every driver is reading this long Havens Highlights post. :)

Thank you so much for helping to keep our children safe!

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

Thank you,

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

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