Message from HPC Co-Presidents

Thank you to those who attended the HPC January meeting last Friday. PUSD Board Member Megan Pilsbury joined us to give a recap of the school board meeting last Wednesday and answered parent questions and heard concerns. Principal Dolid reviewed covid testing and exposure procedures, also answered parent questions and heard concerns, and provided a new date of April 7, 2022 for Havens’ Open House.

Lindsay Thomasson gave an update on our successful “Back to School, Safely” campaign, we announced Poker Night’s new date of April 22nd at 6:00pm (book your babysitters now!), and received fundraising updates from Amy Gurvitz and Erin Schultz:

  • MINTED: So far, we have raised $1,200 over the past month from holiday cards. And the Minted fundraiser runs all year! You can use Minted for lots of other gift ideas.


  • SEE’S: The See’s holiday shop raised around $500 and the Havens See’s Valentines day shop is now open through Jan 28.

Valentines Day Store

  • GOOD EGGS: Havens will get 5% back on all orders - NOT JUST from new customers but existing as well! To participate, visit and use code goodeggsforfch.

Thank you to the parent community for participating in these important fundraisers – and also to all of those who participated in the PUSD-wide recognition of our health clerks and nurses! Together, we raised over $2,000 through our school community effort, and partnered with a similar ask that was done through Facebook, to recognize our district’s health professionals with nearly $4,000 in lunches, breakfasts, coffees, gourmet take-home snack boxes, delicious fresh-baked cookies, and SCRIP gift cards through the end of the month. Our hard-working nurses and clerks are so grateful and have said they feel seen, heard, and so appreciated. Thank you for your support to make that happen, Havens community!

Congratulations to our new Superintendent Advisory Committee Representative, Lindsay Thomasson, who was elected by our parent community to represent Havens in key conversations moving forward and will attend future HPC meetings to give updates and collect feedback from our school community on issues at hand. And a special shout-out as well to Havens’ parent Michelle McGilloway, who was also selected as a representative at-large to the committee.

We look forward to continued positivity and productivity in the weeks to come, as we work to roll out a parent engagement survey in order to gauge interest and with the hopes of giving each person that would like to get involved next year an open opportunity to do so, as well as strategizing with our city and school board to implement a campaign to help support Havens in getting the support it needs to refurbish Becker Field this summer. More to come on those soon!

Thank you, Havens community, for your ongoing involvement and support!

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

Thank you,

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

Our Website:

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