Message from HPC Co-Presidents

Becker Field

We are excited to announce that Becker Field’s much needed turf replacement is set to happen this summer! This effort will be jointly funded by the city, PUSD, the many organizations that use the field recreationally, as well as the Havens parent community.

Fundraising within our parent community is set to begin in the next couple of weeks and we will be offering some fun (and hopefully enticing!) recognition and participation opportunities to reach our goal. We will share more details at our February HPC meeting, which is this Tuesday, February 15, at 7:00pm via Zoom. Please join us!

This project, along with others being planned for in our district, will be discussed at tonight’s PUSD School Board Meeting at 7:00pm. A summary of the agenda for that meeting with the zoom link can be found here.

Get Involved!

HPC will also soon start the process of filling the board slate for next year and we encourage each of you to get involved! There are a variety of roles and responsibilities to fit every schedule and we love (and need!) new faces! Please consider a leadership position in our parent group, and join our meeting on Tuesday to hear more about HPC, who we are, what we do, and how to get involved. There will be many opportunities throughout the spring to learn more and get involved, and, as always, please reach out with any thoughts, ideas, or questions.

Optional Outdoor Mask Wearing

Now that students have the option to take masks off while outside on campus, some kids may eagerly embrace it, some may choose not to, and yet others may be feeling nervous, anxious or unsure about it. This article discusses how those reactions are developmentally appropriate, and offers the following ways parents can help support our kids through this transition:

  • Be patient and assure them they are safe. If a child is having difficulty letting go of their mask, take small steps to reassure them that it’s OK to take it off. Try having him or her remove it during a specific time (for example while playing outside or indoors with close friends) and then distract them with fun activities. Then, gradually increase that amount of time.

  • It’s better to remove the mask step by step if children seem overly distressed. This is also a good reminder that adults’ anxiety can also often be felt by children. Parents should take steps to manage their own anxiety about post-pandemic life, including mask wearing, to help their children feel secure.

  • For children who are shy or have social anxiety, the mask may have offered another level of security (think of “hiding” behind sunglasses). Removing the mask may reintroduce some of that anxiety, so it’s important to address those social skills directly. With continued practice — such as modeling appropriate social interactions, practicing initiating and maintaining conversation, and working on nonverbal gestures — that social anxiety will likely decrease.

We look forward to seeing those smiles (of those who are ready, of course) on campus!

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

Thank you,

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

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