Message from HPC Co-Presidents

The big news this week continues to be vaccines for our elementary-aged children. We have collected some anecdotal feedback from our HPC families in the hopes that their experiences are helpful to those kids that have their shots upcoming.

With some exceptions, parents shared that the process to get appointments and then at check-in/receiving the shot was organized and time efficient.

Some kids were predictably hesitant to get a shot in their arm, despite conversations around the importance and benefits of doing so, and tears, under-chair hiding and boldly walking away were reported. However, staff was very well trained at administering the vaccine to children and all (jabbed) arms were present and accounted for by the end of the appointment.

Pro tips include bringing a favorite stuffy, offering a treat or going out for ice cream as a reward, and reiterating the positives like not wearing a mask outside and avoiding the mental health toll of (multiple, in some cases) quarantines. One parent said they were very appreciative that their child’s teacher told the class the vaccine didn’t hurt so the young student felt prepared and comfortable going in.

The strongest side effect reported in our sample was sore arms, but less so than the flu shot. For those of us that have kids that tense up at shots, reminding them to stay as relaxed as possible can help with soreness.

If you are still looking for an appointment, rumor has it the Carbon Health pop-up in Berkeley at Malcolm X School hands out stickers and snacks and kids can play on the play structure during their observation period.

Speaking of treats and doing things for the greater good - while it may seem counterintuitive to send your child to school with candy in their backpack or give away their unused masks - please do! :) Both will (almost assuredly?) make it into bins in your child’s classroom to benefit others. The candy drive ends Friday, November 12 and the mask drive ends Monday, November 15.

Please also note there is a school board meeting tonight at 7:00pm and our virtual November HPC Meeting is scheduled for next Friday, November 19, at 8:45am. More details to come.

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

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