Message from HPC Co-Presidents

The holiday season is upon us and it is time to thank our teachers and staff for all that they do to make Havens a great school for our kids.

We use the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Fund collected through the Piedmont Store to give not only your teacher, but all of the Havens staff, holiday and end-of-year gifts. Pooling our funds this way is a streamlined solution for families wishing to extend gifts, and also helps ensure that any amount you contribute recognizes your teacher, teacher’s aides, and everyone else that helps make Havens hum throughout the day.

If you have already contributed to your student’s class fund, thank you! If you haven’t yet made a contribution to the appreciation fund this year, or wish to add an extra gift, please do so now to ensure the most generous gifts possible. Thank you!

Please also join us this Friday at 8:45am for our online November HPC Meeting! The Zoom link is on the school calendar, the agenda can be found here, and there will be some important updates from several of our committees.

Students are encouraged to wear Havens gear or the color purple on Fridays going forward. Yay Havens!

Happy Holidays,

April and Val

HPC Co-Presidents

Our Website:

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