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**NEW FOR 2022-23 SCHOOL YEAR: Piedmont High School now starts at the same time as Havens (8:30am) so traffic will be more congested in the center of town and at drop-off.**


  • Follow the legal rules of the road. This includes no u-turns if another vehicle is coming towards you within 200ft (which is the case at drop-off and pick-up). 

  • Drivers should always stay in the car.

  • Keep all school gear in the cab of the car, not the trunk.

  • Students should be ready to exit, curbside only.

  • Refrain from holding up the line by making conversation, other distractions, and please don’t block driveways.

  • Keep kids in the car until all vehicles can move forward in the line.

  • Do not double park at the white zone areas. 

  • Follow all instructions by school staff and parent volunteers, and treat them with respect at all times.

  • If pulling up to the white zone on Highland, please leave one car-length distance before the crosswalk so that the crossing guard has a clear line of sight across all four lanes of busy Highland Ave. (This will be marked with a sign going forward.)


Whenever possible, carpool or form a “walking school bus.” Walking school buses can be kids walking to school and picking others up along the way as there is safety in numbers for young pedestrians, or picking a meeting spot for drivers that is slightly away from campus to drop kids so that they may safely walk a block to school together (it’s fun!); PPD suggests the 200 block of Highland (North of Oakland) to then cross with the crossing guard at Oakland and Highland.

Park nearby and walk your child to/from school (always use crosswalks). Take advantage of the green spots along Vista, in front of the police station, and on Highland Way. 

As a reminder, there is no consequence for being tardy besides the extra minute it takes to get buzzed into the front gate and go through the front office. It is not a demerit to your child in any way. 


We expect all parents and guardians, as well as anyone else tasked with dropping off and picking up Havens’ students, to know and be compliant with these guidelines.

  • Oakland Avenue: TK-K

  • Vista Avenue: Schoolmates/Minimates

  • Highland Avenue and Bonita Avenue: Grades 1-5

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