What New Item Are We Selling?

Normally at the start of the school year, HPC sells a variety of Havens gear but as you know, this year is like none other.  We are pleased to be offering our first Havens merch item of this school year: Oura masks.  As we learn more about Covid, we are learning more about masks. Whereas wearing any face covering is critical to reducing Covid transmission in our community and schools, we now know that quality of mask matters both for prevention of transmission and illness prevention.  

Purchase the masks through HPC below and not through the Oura website.  

Teacher Donation

In determining which masks to sell, we sought out those that were independently tested, washable, included an optional N95 filter (for adults), and ideally would kill the virus on contact. The Oura masks fit all of these criteria. In addition, Oura has committed to getting these masks out into the community. Thus, 20% of the purchase price of your mask will go toward the purchase of a mask for a Havens educator. Our goal is to provide one of these masks to every Havens educator who would like one.  You can also purchase a mask for a teacher or donate money to the teacher mask fund (see the options below).  We want to provide every Havens educator with a quality mask.

Why Oura Masks?

Using advanced technologies, Oura masks are extremely breathable while still maintaining high filtration.  But these masks don’t just filter particles, they also kill germs. Combining premier design and self-sterilization technologies, this mask provides unique protection from harmful pathogens in the air with its laboratory tested antimicrobial effects.  

We are offering the Oura Air Mask Jr and Oura Adult Air Mask 2.0.  Adult masks can be purchased with or without a N95 filter.  For those who prefer a mask strap around the head, we are offering the Active Strap that will convert the mask to comfortably fit behind the head.  Made in the USA.  (All information about Oura masks is provided by Oura and based on their tests, you can read more about them here).

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.36.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.35.40 AM.png

Ordering Details?

We are taking orders through Friday February 27th. Mask orders will arrive two weeks later. Once we know the exact date of the delivery, we will send out further information on dates your mask order will be available for pick up.


Please ensure you order the correct size and color as we are only ordering masks for those that pre-order them.  Measure your face and use the sizing charts above. True to size.  If you are between sizes or in doubt, size down.  We will not have stock on hand and masks are not returnable.    

We are accepting credit card, PayPal and cash/checks (made out to Havens Parents Club).  Checks and cash can be mailed or dropped off: 455 Mountain Avenue, Piedmont, CA. 94611.

Thank you for supporting our teachers and our school!

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Don't need a mask but want to contribute? Feel free to donate any amount to the teacher mask fund. 


Questions? Contact havensparentboard@gmail.com

Havens Parents Club is a non-profit organization EIN 56-2367427