We hope the information provided in this website provides most of the information you need with regard to the school calendar, after school activities, student and parent groups, volunteer information, how you can support Havens, the latest in HPC events and other school information.  If there is anything we are missing, please do reach out and let us know at  


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Order Lunch! Our school lunch service will be available on the first day of school and is offered every day throughout the school year (except for minimum days).  ChoiceLunch is our school vendor and daily or unlimited orders can be placed directly through them at  This year all entrees, snacks, fruit and milk options are selected by parents and pre-bagged for your kiddo.  Save yourself time and support our schools by ordering school lunch. Our school lunch program is one of our largest fundraisers, with $1 from every meal going directly to Havens!  Check out the ChoiceLunch website now to see the new program, options, and ordering information.


Families who have used Choice Lunch in the past do not need to set up accounts. Students will be rolled up into the correct grade. Families new to Choice Lunch will need to set up their accounts. 


In the news there has been reference to a “free lunch for all” program in California Public Schools. Because PUSD does not participate in the state free and reduced lunch program, this does not apply to us.

If you are interested in ordering Choice Lunch, please review this brochure for details on their program, and how to set up an account.

Volunteer at lunch!  Lunch volunteering is currently the only opportunity parents have to be on campus.  It is also super fun and a great way to get to know the kids at school!  Please sign up HERE.  If you have any questions, please email Katie Castles Shaffer at

Principal and Parent
Coffee Meet ups

TK/Kindergarten Coffee

- Friday January 7th, 8:30


Kindergarten Coffee

- Friday September 17th, 8:30am

1st Grade Coffee

- Friday September 27th, 8:30am

- Friday March 4th, 8:30am


2nd Grade Coffee

- Friday October 1st, 8:30am

- Friday March 18th, 8:30am


3rd Grade Coffee

- Friday October 8th, 8:30am

- Friday April 1st, 8:30am


4th Grade Coffee

- Friday November 5th, 8:30am

- Friday April 8th, 8:30am


5th Grade Coffee

- Friday December 10th, 8:30am

- Friday April 29th, 8:30am


The 2021-22 Education Speaker Series calendar is almost finalized.   Please note that some dates are subject to change. A full program listing, including discussion topics, will be available soon (see the current list of speakers here).  

This year's program will be a combination of in-person and virtual events. The fall events will be held via Zoom with spring events (starting in January) will be in person. Unless noted otherwise, all programs begin at 7:30 pm. Reserve your spot today here