Restorative circles are one of the many tools our Havens educators use to develop relationships, build community, and respond to conflicts and problems that arise among our students.  Through the circles, our students learn to apply the Havens values to their every day interactions.  In circle, everyone has an equal opportunity to speak, and to be heard.  In an effort to bring the circle experience to our parent community, several grade levels have started Parent Circles.  Parent Circles are an opportunity for Havens parents to gather and discuss parenting issues relevant to our elementary-aged students within the restorative justice framework.  Meetings are entirely voluntary and are announced throughout the year via Havens Highlights communications.  All Parent Circles will be held online. Video links will be shared with attendees closer to the date. Anyone interested in learning to lead a circle, please contact Anne Hawkins at
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Parent & Principal Coffee Meetups

T/Kindergarten Coffee

- Friday January 10th, 8:30am


Kindergarten Coffee

- Friday September 13th, 8:30am

- Friday March 6th, 8:30am


1st Grade Coffee

- Friday September 27th, 8:30am

- Friday March 20th, 8:30am


2nd Grade Coffee

- Friday October 11th, 8:30am

- Friday March 27th, 8:30am


3rd Grade Coffee

- Friday October 25th, 8:30am

- Friday April 10th, 8:30am


4th Grade Coffee

- Friday November 22nd, 8:30am

- Friday April 24th, 8:30am


5th Grade Coffee

- Friday December 13th, 8:30am

- Friday May 1st, 8:30am

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