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Havens Parents Club plays an essential role in supporting and funding the enrichment of your child's school experience, including: classroom materials, library support, STEM resources, science materials, lunchtime activities, assemblies, speakers, musical instruments, art supplies and teacher appreciation activities.  Not only does Havens rely on volunteering from the community, but donations play a crucial role in our children's educational experience.  


You can become a paying member of the Havens Parents Club with your membership benefiting all our programs.  You can donate in addition to your membership to Havens Parents Club.  (button to the right for membership and/or donations)


You can purchase merchandise from Havens brand new collections (link to the right for Havens store)  Show your Havens school Spirit!  


You can participate in affiliate programs. For example, set up Amazon Smile to benefit Frank C Havens School and with each Amazon purchase, you are donating money to HPC.  


Throughout the year, the HPC fundraising team will organize fundraisers like the summer read-a-thon and nights out at local restaurants.  The library volunteer team organizes two amazing book fairs each year.  You donate to HPC when you enroll your child in After School Enrichment.  You can support HPC by participating in other fundraising events throughout the year like Havens Dads Club's Poker Night in the Spring.  

Havens also relies on district-wide fundraising events run through Piedmont Education Foundation.  Havens receives funding from The Giving Campaign and Spring Fling as well as ongoing fundraisers like SCRIP.

Thank you for your generosity

throughout the year!  

Show your Havens pride and purchase your Havens gear today! Check out the Havens Store.  Buy online and pick up!

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HPC Fundraising Chairs:

Amy Gurvitz

Erin Schultz

Jade Cameron

Sara Lonergan

Havens Spring Fling Liaisons:

Kate Kitterage

Catie Osborn

Giving Campaign Liaisons:

Rita Fabi

Catherine McDowell

Jill Saper

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