Havens Parent Club

The HPC plays an essential role in funding the enrichment of your child's school experience, including: classroom materials, library support, STEM resources, science materials, lunchtime activities, assemblies, speakers, musical instruments, art supplies and teacher appreciation activities.  Join the club to support your child's learning now.

Spring Fling (K-5 Elementary schools)

Spring Fling is an annual celebration of Piedmont's three elementary schools that brings together our entire community in support of our children's education. Spring Fling is one of Piedmont Education Foundation's largest fundraisers and the money raised goes directly to the schools. We know how important it is to educate the whole child and since state funding alone cannot do that, we band together to ensure that all Piedmont students continue to have strong programs in science, technology, math, music, visual art, library, social-emotional learning, and more. 

Spring Fling includes several fundraising projects and events: the Comings and Goings photography project, Camp Auction, Golf and Tennis Tournament, Parent Parties, Grandparent Party, Online Auction and the annual Spring Fling Gala that includes a silent auction, live auction, and a raise-the-paddle event to fund a specific tri-school need.

In order for Spring Fling to be a true success, we need 100% participation from parents. Please be on the lookout for the many opportunities during the year to give time, talent, and/or treasure by volunteering, donating/purchasing auction items, and simply by attending the spring gala. We hope you will consider ways in which you can contribute to our amazing community.

Giving Campaign - Piedmont Education Foundation (K-12)

The Piedmont Education Foundation’s annual Giving Campaign is the largest annual fundraiser for Piedmont’s schools. Together as a community, we raised $2.8 million last year! Those funds have all been disbursed and are at work in our children’s classrooms, funding teaching staff, arts and STEM programming, library staff and aides, AP classes, and extracurricular activities. PUSD schools consistently rank among the top public schools in California, but with the state’s continuing funding cuts to public education, each child in a Piedmont school will incur $1,775 of unfunded educational costs next year. The goal of the Giving Campaign is to raise enough to fund this unmet need, so our schools can continue to give our children an unmatched educational experience. Our goal is 100% community participation! To learn more, please visit


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